This is one of the most popular jobs on resorts across all resorts wherever you go. It is a very demanding but active position and requires quite energetic and charismatic personal. The job requirements are: Entice people into the club or bar that you work for. Promote the club’s and bars drink offers. Promote the business events. Promote the club or bars events by handing out flyers and other such forms of information. You will be required to be outside of the club for a lot of the night on the busy strip with the rest of the PR team and due to this will need to be able to deal with and talk to larger groups of people and work in a team and also be confident in approaching tourists.

The pay for this job ranges from 30 euros a shift to 60 euros depending on how good and how many hours you personally do. Additional money usually paid for handing flyers out in the daytime.

Also, bonuses usually put in place by the bar or club bosses but that can be discussed with them personally once on resort.