Just like VIP tenders its required that all personnel in front of house will have the same etiquette this is a very important job as staff at front of house will be one of the first potential guests will see and as is the same in most walks of life people will make huge judgement on what they see first before making a decision to spend money on something or in a premises.

The job requirements are to meet and greet customers on a daily basis and also take tickets and check wristbands and any other such items. Also will be responsible for making decisions on whether a person is in a good enough frame of mind to be in the premises drinking as they may be already drunk as expected on the resort. Also if you feel someone doesn’t seem of age you have the right to check i.d . The person or persons in front of house must be confident and dress smartly.

The pay rate is virtually the same as VIP services and you can expect upwards of 50 to 60 euros per shift.