Ticket sellers are all over the world and it doesn’t stop at resorts where worldwide workers supply staff it is in our eyes a very good job and a great chance to be involved and amongst festivals and the many famous guests that come to resort to perform has been involved in the sales of the tickets for the events puts you as part of the events teams wherever you are in the world for us.

Your roles will include selling tickets at one of many box offices and also attending festivals and events across resorts sometimes to promote further events and sometimes just to have fun and enjoy the events and festivals the resort has to offer. In some situations, you may actually be required to work amongst V.I.P guests and the guest liaison personnel who look after them.

You will also be included in teams that do many of the boat parties and various other fun excursions and days out also paint parties and so forth. This role is for people that have a high level of confidence and can attract people to buy many of the wristbands and tickets the resorts have to offer. You will also be able to sell excursions and packages for days out.

This job differs from resort to resort where some places you’ll get commission only but on other resorts, you’ll have a pay structure which is usually between 35 and 45 euros per shift.